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How We Help Companies with Food Safety Compliance

Compliance with food safety regulations

The process for ensuring your company is compliant with food safety regulations can be long and tedious.

First, you have to find your area’s food code and navigate through the complex legal language to find what applies to you and your establishment. Then, if you can’t find everything you need, you have to get any missing information from the health department, which can mean spending a good amount of time on the phone, on hold. Finally, you have to figure out which training programs comply with the area regulations.

In an ideal world, you’d only have to go through that process once. However, regulations can change, forcing you to go through the whole process again. It can be a nightmare, and you can imagine how difficult it would be if you have establishments in multiple areas, all with unique regulations.

To save our customers from this time-consuming task, we store and update all the information needed for compliance throughout the U.S. in our compliance database so that you don’t have to research it yourself. We also make sure our training is compliant in every area possible so that our customers can use the same training provider for all of their establishments.

Maintaining our compliance database

We maintain a compliance database with information on laws and regulations that pertain to food safety. For example, some areas require food handler training, but not food manager certification. Other areas require the opposite, and still others might not require anything at all. We keep all of that information in one place so it is easy to find.

Regulations often change, so having one database that is updated regularly is handy to make sure that nothing slips through the cracks. We keep good contact with health departments and hear from them when regulations are expected to change. Additionally, we get email alerts when new legislation pertaining to food safety is in the works.

If training or certification is required for an area, there are usually specifications for the type of training that can be used. We use this database to make sure that our training programs comply with these specifications and regulations for each state, district, county, and city.

Seeking approval for our food safety training

We make sure we are compliant in every area possible. Have you ever visited a food handler training website that only has training available for five or six states? And what if you have establishments in some of those states as well as states that aren’t listed? Do you have to figure out how to juggle multiple training programs for your establishments? 

This is why we do what we do. Our database makes it easy to see where we are approved and where we aren’t. When there is a place where our training isn’t approved, we do everything possible to get approved so that you only have to use one training program for all of your establishments.

Why this matters to you

Because of our dedication to compliance, our customers can breathe easy. Our information comes straight from the government and is updated quickly when changes arise. To see if our training is approved in your areas of operation, contact us today!


— Kellie Busath

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