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3 Ways Learning Extras Enhance Food Safety Training

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At StateFoodSafety, we design our online training courses to change the way your employees think and act toward food safety. Our goal is the same as yours—to help your employees consistently prepare safe food, increase customer satisfaction, and ensure your establishment’s success.

What are Learning Extras?

StateFoodSafety Learning ExtrasLearning Extras are optional learning resources found throughout StateFoodSafety courses. When going through a course, check out the bottom left corner of your screen to see if a concept has a Learning Extra. If one is available, a blue dot and number will appear over the graduation cap. You can also view a list of all Learning Extras associated with a course at the bottom of the Course Navigation menu.

StateFoodSafety Learning ExtraLearning Extras come in many forms: glossaries of key terms, Food Safety in Real Life videos, printable posters and charts, and more. In a survey of over 100 food handlers who viewed Learning Extras, 96% of respondents said that the Learning Extras they viewed were helpful and interesting in some way.

You may ask, “If these extra resources aren’t required, why should I use them?” Here are three reasons why you and your food handlers should check out the Learning Extras.

1. Dive deeper into food safety topics

Several Learning Extras dive deeper into why food safety behaviors are so important. For example, a food handler who thinks that handwashing takes too long might benefit from our “How Soap Works” Learning Extra. It uses a playful animation and scientific research to explain how scrubbing with soap is the only way to get rid of disease-causing bacteria on hands. Many of our Learning Extras go into depth about the scientific principles that support food safety behaviors.

2. Learn beyond food safety certification requirements

Some food handlers might be interested in a food safety topic that goes beyond the legal course requirements. Perhaps they need to know what to do in a unique situation, like holding food without temperature control. Or maybe they are just curious to see examples of how food safety reaches beyond the doors of their establishment. The Food Safety in Real Life videos tell engaging, real-world stories about how food handlers’ actions have impacted customers.

3. Use Learning Extras for employee training

Learning about food safety should not stop after food handlers have earned their food handler cards. Learning Extras are one way to remind your employees of important food safety concepts that impact customers.

You may already be thinking of how you could use Learning Extras to train your employees. At your next training, you could show a video on a topic that is relevant and interesting to your employees. You could also hang up printable posters and charts around your establishment to remind your employees of important concepts, like cooking temperatures and handwashing steps.

Good news! When you purchase a StateFoodSafety course, you get one year of unlimited access to review the material—and access the Learning Extras.

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— Alyssa Erickson

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