Utah Food Handler Permit

Course Details:
Test attempts: 3
Percentage required to pass: 75%
Available Languages:
English Español 普通话 한국어 Việt ASL
StateFoodSafety.com is pleased to provide online food handlers permit training for the State of Utah. This course has been approved by the Utah Department of Health and is valid statewide.
Do you need this training?
If you are involved in the manufacture, preparation, serving or handling of food or drink in or around a food establishment, you are a food worker and need this training.
When do you need to complete your training?
Within 14 days of starting work.
How do you complete your training?
First, complete the StateFoodSafety.com online food handler course. You will obtain your temporary Food Handler Certificate of Completion and may begin working immediately. Within 30 days of completion, food handlers will receive their official Utah Food Handler Permit in the mail sent from their local health department (excluding Summit and Tooele counties). Specific instructions are included on the temporary Food Handler Certificate of Completion.
What do you get when you finish this course?
Certificate of Completion
Why choose StateFoodSafety.com?
StateFoodSafety.com has the highest rated food handler training course in the industry. The StateFoodSafety.com course is interactive, animated, and fun!
How long is your food handler card good for?
Your temporary StateFoodSafety.com Food Handler Certificate of Completion is valid for 30 days.  The Utah Food Handler Permit that will be automatically mailed to you by your local health department is valid for 3 years.​