Williamson County, Texas Food Handlers Permit Training

This ANSI accredited course is accepted by all Texas Health Departments. Check local requirements.

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Course Details
Format: Online
Test Attempts: 2
Percentage required to pass: 70%
Special Instructions
You will print your final permit upon successful completion of the course and exam. You are not required to go to a health department office to obtain a food handlers card.
Questions & Answers
Course Description

StateFoodSafety.com is pleased to provide online food safety training for Williamson County, Texas. This course is ANSI accredited and is valid statewide. This course encourages personal commitment to food safety principles and will prepare you to become a safe food handler. This food handler course provides instruction on the following: - Food hazards: biological, physical, and chemical - Personal hygiene practices - Cleaning and sanitizing processes - Time and temperature controls

Questions & Answers
Do you need this training?
If you handle, prepare, serve, sell, or give away food for human consumption, even if you bus tables or wash dishes, you are a food worker and need this training.
When do you need to complete your training?
Within 60 days of starting work.
How do you complete your training?
By completing the StateFoodSafety.com online food handler course and printing your certificate. All food handlers in Williamson County are required to pay a $10 administrative fee as set by the Williamson County Health Department.
What do you get when you finish this course?
Food Handler Certificate/Card
How long is your certificate good for?
This food handler card is valid for 2 years.
Why choose StateFoodSafety.com?
StateFoodSafety.com has the highest rated food handler training course in the industry. The StateFoodSafety.com course is interactive, animated, and fun!
Course Specifications
Course Name
Williamson County, TX Food Handler Registration Card Online Course
Training Approved By
With the passage of SB-582, this StateFoodSafety.com ANSI accredited course is accepted by all Texas Health Departments as fulfilling their food handler training requirement. Some health departments, however, may require you to register your certificate with them and pay an additional fee. Please check with your local health department about registering your certificate with them upon completion of this course.
Course Details
Test Attempts: 2
Percentage required to pass: 70%
Course Length: 75 mins
Teaching Methods
Interactive, Audio, Video, and Full Text
Available Languages
English , Español , 普通话 , 한국어 , Việt , ASL , Tagalog , Serbo-Croatian