Group Purchase Information

Purchase Vouchers For Multiple Employees
What is a group purchase?
The group purchase process is a simple and convenient system designed to connect you with your employees’ food safety training. Once you complete a group purchase, you will receive vouchers to provide to your employees, which will allow them access to their food safety training course.
What are the benefits of a group purchase?
This group purchase system allows you to train multiple employees, track their progress, and even have access to all of their earned certificates.
What is a voucher?
A voucher is a code that gives an employee access to a food safety course that was pre-purchased by an employer. Each voucher code is valid for one specific course. Learn More.
How can your employees redeem their voucher?
All your employees need to do is come to our website and enter their voucher code in our Redeem Voucher Code section on our home page. This will then add the pre-purchased course to their cart. As they continue through the checkout process, they will need to create their own free account.
Not sure how to complete a group purchase?