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How to Get Your Utah Food Handlers Permit Certification

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Utah Food Handlers Permit

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Your official Utah Food Handler Permit will be mailed to you by your local health department within 30 days after you successfully complete this course. For any additional steps, enter your zip code on the Utah Permit Information page. Specific instructions are included on the temporary Food Handler Certificate of Completion.

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How to Get Your Utah Food Handlers Permit Certification



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  • Permit valid for 3 Years

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Format: Online
Compatible Devices: Computer, tablet, and smartphone (Android, iOS)
Teaching Methods: Interactive activities, audio, video, full-text, etc.
Available Languages: English, Español, 普通话, 한국어, Việt, American Sign Language
Choose your language after purchase.
Length: 75 Minutes (Start and stop as needed)

This Utah Food Handlers Permit Training course is approved for use in Utah by the Utah Department of Health and is valid statewide.

The purpose of the Utah Food Handlers Permit Training program is to prepare food handlers to enter the workforce by providing the required food safety information as specified by regulations of the workers’ state or local government.

Learning Objectives (Effective date April 29, 2020)
By the end of this course, you will be able to:
  • Recognize how food can cause illness or allergic reactions.
  • Prevent contamination of food and food-contact surfaces with the hands and body.
  • Identify which symptoms or illnesses must be reported to a manager.
  • Use time and temperature control throughout the flow of food.
  • Maintain a clean environment for food preparation and service.

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Utah Food Handlers Permit FAQs

Do I need a Utah Food Handlers Permit?

If you are a food handler in Utah, you are required to complete a food handlers card course that is approved for use in Utah. Completing an approved food handlers card course will award you with a Utah Food Handlers Permit. A food handler is someone who is involved in the manufacture, preparation, serving or handling of food or drink in or around a food establishment.

Is this food handler permit training and test approved for my area?

This food handler permit training is approved for use throughout Utah, including all counties (Salt Lake, Utah, Davis, Weber, etc.) and cities (Salt Lake, West Valley, Provo, West Jordan, Orem, etc.).

When do I need to complete my Utah Food Handlers Permit training?

Food handlers need to have their food handlers permit training complete within 14 days of starting work.

What do I get when I finish this food handlers permit course?

StateFoodSafety Utah Food Handlers Permit Temporary Certificate

You will receive your official card in the mail within 30 days.

How long is my Utah Food Handlers Permit valid for?

Your temporary StateFoodSafety Utah Food Handlers Permit Certificate will be valid for 30 days. Your official Utah Food Handler Permit, which will be mailed to you by your local health department, will be valid for 3 years.​

Are there any additional steps?

Yes. Your official Utah Food Handler Permit will be mailed to you by your local health department within 30 days.

For any additional steps, enter your zip code on the Utah Permit Information page.

How do I renew my Utah Food Handlers Permit?

If your permit has expired, you will need to purchase and retake the Utah Food Handlers Permit training. If you need to reprint your current permit, you will need to contact your local health department. See the Utah Permit Information page for contact information.

What is the difference between a certificate and a certification?

A certificate program is a training program combined with an assessment. Successful participants in these programs receive a certificate, not a certification. A certification program is an exam that yields a certification to individuals who pass. Individuals who pass a certification program become certified. These programs do not include a formal training component, although training may be used to prepare. The food handler course and test is a certificate program. How can I purchase multiple food handlers card at once? If you have multiple employees that need food handler cards, you can purchase training through our Group Purchase System.

How long can I access the course?

When you purchase a StateFoodSafety course, you automatically get one year of unlimited access to the training videos. Take your time through the course or come back after completion to brush up on your food safety knowledge!

Certificate Reprint

In most areas, you can reprint your required Food Handler Certificate by logging in to your account.

  1. Login.
  2. Find the Certificates window on your dashboard.
  3. Locate the digital version of your certificate and click View Certificate.
  4. Select Print or Email.

Login To Reprint

View Certificate

Note: In some areas, you get your official Food Handler Certificate from the local health department. If you have lost the card you received from your state, county, or local health department, you will need to call that health department to obtain a new card, permit, or certificate.

StateFoodSafety Example Certificate

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