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Serving AlcoholIf you’d like to serve alcohol at your establishment, look no further than our online Alcohol Server/Seller Training courses to help you serve drinks safely and legally. With animated avatars and role-play activities,’s courses give learners the chance to absorb and apply knowledge in practical settings, and our diverse interactivities help students focus on the most important information. Our course’s audiovisual format engages learners with vibrant illustrations accompanied by clear narration and on-screen text, catering to all types of learning styles.

Our course covers critical aspects of responsible alcohol service, from how alcohol affects the body to practical techniques for making legal serving decisions. Through our course, you can learn the effects of alcohol by tracking its course through the human body; discover the changes in appearance and behavior that mark stages of impairment; and practice identifying suspicious features of fake I.D.’s. Most importantly, our training gives true-to-life examples of difficult serving scenarios and coaches you through appropriate responses. We teach servers how to politely and firmly slow down, cut off, or refuse service when the need arises—keeping you and your establishment from suffering costly legal repercussions as well as protecting customers from dangerous over-service.

In addition, offers course customization for state and local requirements so you can be sure that our training offers accurate information for the alcohol service laws in your area.

Feel free to contact us at or 801.494.1730 for more information or access to a full course demo.

Our online course can be taken at anytime, anywhere, at your own pace, and you can even make group purchases to obtain training for all your employees. Contact 801.494.1416 for information about our group purchases and other corporate solutions.

Diana Shelton

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